Beat It, Creep

He lurks, he creeps, he likes all your photos. Then you get the message. That one message . . .


Him: Hey how's it going . . . ?

Me: Umm 😐 I'm good.

Him: You're looking really good in your pictures lately. You're so beautiful.

Me: Umm . . . thanks.

Him: So what's happening? Are you busy later today, tomorrow, this weekend?!

Me: Don't you have a girlfriend?!!!

Him: Uhhh well yeah, but it's kind of complicated and we aren't doing so well. I'm going to break up with her soon.


Okay pump the fucking brakes right here!!!!! First of all any guy that does do this to me. I will put in their place. Have done this many times. They try to do this feel sorry for me act. Sorry I don't fall for this crap. I would probably say something in this type of context for example.


Me: Dude that sucks about you and your girl. Maybe you should communicate with her about how you're feeling. If you're over it like you said. You should probably break up with her instead of messaging me behind her back. Also how would you feel if she was messaging some other guy this very moment behind your back? Yeah not very cool.


It really astonishes me how many guys have done this. Also what makes a guy think a girl would even want a relationship with someone like this? Chances are if he's doing this to his current girlfriend, wife, etc. Why wouldn't he do that to you?!!! Relationships are built on trust and communication. This right here is not.