Bad Ass Babes Club

 I've tested my limits and how far I can go as a woman to empower myself. I've learned my self worth and have mended my heart from my past experiences in life. The one thing I've learned a long the way is the value of friendships. Especially your girlfriends. Sometimes we get into relationships. We fall in love and seem to forget about everything in between.

The one thing that does bound us as women. Is the bonding and connection we have with each other. It shouldn't be about being catty. We need to support and love each other more. As women we have the power to help one another. We are strong beautiful women. We don't need to backlash one other. We all have a story and don't know what someone is going through in that very moment.

Now is such a beautiful time in this world for us to be more supportive of one another more than ever. Let's face it, we're kicking ass. More and more women are becoming entrepreneurs. We're running companies, building brands and making a name for ourselves. We are so much more than what meets the eye. It's all about girl power. Women are being taken seriously. We're making an impact on this world. It's become the time where we have a say in what we want. What we do can make a difference in society. Our dreams and aspirations mean something. We are all beautiful in our own ways. Let's try to have an understanding with one another more. Lift each other's crowns when we fall. We are worthy, we are strong, determined. We can do anything we want if we set our minds to it. Let's connect as sisters and change this world.