Not Giving A Fuck

As I’ve entered into my 30’s. I’ve come to the realization I really don’t give a fuck what other people think. Maybe I'm just getting older and I’ve lost all my patience with everyone?! Haha!!! Okay not really, but I think by thinking this way my life has got a lot easier for me. That and I feel like a total bad ass because for once in my life, I have self worth.

In the last year I’ve had a lot of personal growth in my life. I did a lot of soul searching, a I also got into meditation. I’ve become more aware about myself and pretty much everything and everyone around me. On another note I’ve come to the conclusion that we have one life to live and what the hell is the point of caring what others think. Since my mentality has changed I’ve become a lot happier. I feel more free to express myself and be my truest form. Plus what you see is what you get from me.


In my past I’d question myself if I were to speak my opinion will this person be offended, judge me or even worse will they think I’m stupid? So I wouldn’t say a word. I held everything in. The simplest things in life, such as freaking out on what I should wear, to my eyeliner isn’t perfect, but in reality everyone else is way too worried about themselves to even notice something as little as my makeup not looking absolutely flawless. Honestly no one gives a fuck. If they do have something negative to point out. They obviously have a lot more to learn in life and most likely have some some insecurities about themselves that they need to overcome. I’ll get more on that topic another time :)


The point being I’ve lived life far too long worried what other people think of me and all it did was eat away and consume me. It caused a lot of unnecessary stress in my life. I know so many people that care way too much what others think. At the end of the day none of these superficialities in life matter. I feel we have one life to live. Your life can be taken from you in a matter of seconds. Personally I’m not going to let others bring me down or listen to anyone that says I can’t achieve what I want. We all deserve happiness so let’s try to break these habits and stop allowing others opinions to have an effect on us.