I can be a dangerous woman . . . that is when I set my mind on something. What gives us the drive to push and continue to move forward with our goals? When I’m focused and want something bad enough I can’t stop trying. I’m persistent and make things happen. Even if I fail. I always try to continue to make things happen. Especially when I’m passionate about something. My drive can’t be stopped. There are many things in my life I’ve asked the universe for and have made it happen. But how do we continue to keep that strive? There will always be someone that tries to tell you that you can’t do something or that it’s an unrealistic goal. For me, it just adds fuel to the fire. It pushes me, even more, to accomplish what I want. There are many people who have lived on this earth that have been told they couldn’t accomplish their dreams and have made it happen. I believe if we continue to put focus and work hard for what we want we can do anything. So on that note please continue to go for your dreams and believe in yourself. Life is way too short. Do what makes you happy!!!! #determination


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