Do you ever have those days of defeat? How do we break through those moments? I have these thoughts that sometimes come in my head of self sabotage. As if I’m not good enough or maybe I’m just meant for failure. I’m trying to work on my feelings and to break this vicious cycle. Because deep down. I know I’m worthy of greatness. In reality we all deserve happiness, but from time to time I do let these thoughts occur.

I’m trying my best daily to see the positive things in life. For I have so many things to be grateful for. I think we forget about the simplest things in life. Just being able to be alive, our health, family and friends. I’m fortunate to have all of the above and yet still have these moments of feeling unworthy. But we do have the option to change our circumstances. For me when I think of all that I do have . . . I’m extremely grateful. Life is full of second chances and are we going to let the little things bring us down? I think not. On a positive note let’s continue to live life with a passion and purpose and overcome these challenges because we are worthy.